Batu town ethiopia

Buses leave from Addis Ababa and Awasa. The main sight in Ziway is the large lake. Many waterfowl can be found near the jetty, as well as boats to the islands scattered about the lake and to hippo spots. Ziway is famous for fish and they are a must eat for every traveller coming here. You will find fresh fish in every hotel and restaurant in Ziway, prepared in the usual Ethiopian ways: as a cutlet, goulash and as Tibs. The main road has many cheap and basic rooms.

Near the jetty there are much more luxurious resorts. Several resorts were still under construction on the shores of the lake in September Understand [ edit ]. Map of Ziway. This city travel guide to Ziway is a usable article.

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batu town ethiopia

Tourist office Random page. In other projects Wikipedia. In other languages Add links. This travel guide page was last edited aton 3 March by Wikivoyage user Ypsilon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lake Ziway.Cepheus Growth Capital Partners Cepheus Capitalthe private equity which has injecting finance in promising sectors in Ethiopia for the past few year, invests in Tabor Ceramics Products Share Company.

The recently established Ethiopian Communications Authority ECA today host a consultation meeting on Ethiopian telecommunication reform process and regulatory framework with potential investors gathered from different parts of the world. Established with the aim of contributing to the development of professional and responsible media in Ethiopia, Ethiopia Media Council today held its maiden general assembly in the capital Addis Ababa.

The biggest forum set to take place next month in Johannesburg, South Africa aims to raise billions of dollars of investments towards 24 African countries infrastructures development. Africa is being exploited by foreign multinational companies in the name of attracting foreign direct investment, which in reality if foreign direct exploitation, says Esther Muchiri, Legal Consultant and Lecturer … Read More. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia invites Israeli investors to consider investment in his country in telecom, energy, aviation and logistics sectors.

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The Government of Ethiopia, which has been on the process of privatizing telecom and opening the sector for competition, has said there will be only three competing telecom operators in … Read More. Ethiopian parliament today approved revised labor proclamation of the country, which increased the current employee probation period from 45 to 60 days.

Skip to content. Older posts.Science Journal of Public Health. Abstract : Background: Each year, throughout the world, approximately million women become pregnant and among these, 75 million pregnancies end in stillbirth, or spontaneous or induced abortion. This study was aimed to assess the prevalence of abortion, its associated factors and preferences of health care usage among women of reproductive age working in flower farms of Batu town, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.

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Methods: Institutional based cross sectional study was conducted from May 10 to 25, on women of reproductive age who had history of pregnancy in the last six years while working in flower farms of Batu town. The study subjects were selected by simple random sampling. The data were collected by interviewer administered questionnaire for quantitative method. Quantitative data were coded and entered into and analyzed using SPSS for windows version Binary logistic regression was done to test association between selected independent variables and outcome variable.

Results: Abortion was reported by 87 Out of these, 34 Women whose last pregnancy were unwanted were about 7. Conclusions: Having more births in the last six years and having the last pregnancy unwanted were predictors of abortion in this study.

Reaching more target group in encouraging women to utilize family planning especially condom and seek appropriate health care when it is needed is recommended.

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An estimated One in eight pregnancy-related deaths worldwide is caused by unsafe abortion [ 2 ]. Thirteen percent of all maternal deaths could be prevented by implementing appropriate post abortion care and helping couples obtain family planning information and services [ 3 - 5 ]. Preventing unplanned pregnancies alone could avert around one quarter of maternal deaths, including those that result from unsafe abortion [ 6 ].

Worldwide, births to unmarried adolescent mothers are far more likely to be unintended and those outside marriage are more likely to end in abortion. They are, therefore, more likely to suffer serious complications and even death [ 7 - 9 ]. The estimated abortion rate in was 38 per 1, women aged 15—44 in Eastern Africa, 36 in Middle Africa and 28 per 1, in Western Africa; virtually all of the procedures in these sub regions were unsafe [ 10 ].

Ethiopian Capital City Addis Ababa Part 69

In Africa, one in every abortions leads to death, compared to one in every 85, procedures in the developed world [ 2 ]. Women faced with an unintended pregnancy often self-induced abortions or obtain clandestine abortions from medical practitioners, paramedical workers, or traditional healers [ 3 ].

batu town ethiopia

Undesired pregnancies and induced abortion due to sexual violence and interruption of family planning services are among underlying risk factors for maternal deaths and illness [ 41113 ].

As of estimate in Ethiopia, more than seven in 10 women who want to avoid pregnancy either do not practice contraception or use a relatively ineffective traditional method [ 14 ].

About half of all health facilities in Ethiopia provide induced abortion services. These proportions are likely changing rapidly, as efforts are being made to expand abortion services in public facilities. Currently, private and NGO facilities provide the induced abortions [ 16 ]. The reason for teenage pregnancy and abortion varies from country to country and from region to region within the same country. Factors that are associated with teenage pregnancy and abortion include rapid urbanization, low socioeconomic status, low access to contraceptive, low educational and career aspiration, residence in a single parent home and poor family relationship [ 17 ].

Due to the expansion of flower farm industries in Ethiopia in which the majority of the workers are women of reproductive age exposed to sexual risk behaviors, little was known about the magnitude of abortion and its associated factors. The problem of abortion and the preference of care-seeking behavior among women working in flower farm areas particularly, in the Batu town have not been assessed.

It was necessary and timely to study this important issue on women working in flower farms. This study was therefore aimed at investigating the prevalence of abortion, its associated factors and preference of health care usage among child-bearing women in flower farms. Study Area and Period. Institutional based cross-sectional study design was employed from May 10 to 25, in flower farms of Batu town, which is located km from Addis Ababa along the main road connecting Addis Ababa to Hawasa in the East Shewa Zone of Ethiopia.Thanks for these outstanding pictures.

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batu town ethiopia

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Finally I would like to thanks all contributes that provided their support on one or the other way to accomplish this research paper. The main objective of the research is to assess and identity problems related to VAT Administration in Bishoftu town revenue office. To fulfill this objective both primary and secondary data were used.

A primary data were collected through questionnaires and unstructured interview and a secondary data from secondary sources like internet and other relevant material. To overcome a problem identified a constructive recommendations would be made in order to improve or alleviate those problems. Acknowledgment ………………………………………………………………. Abstract ……………………………………………………………………………II.The national regional states as well as the two cities administrative councils are further divided in eight hundred woredas and around 15, kebeles.

Ethiopia covers 1, square kilometres with the population of All Rights Reserved. We use cookies to properly format the display and to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more about our Privacy Policy I Agree. Local Time: PM. For best viewing experience on this website, please use Chrome browser. Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa Adis Ababa. Gondar Gonder. Adama Nazret. Awasa Hawassa. Dire Dawa Dire Dewa. Dessie Desie. Shashemene Shashamane. Wolayta Sodo Sodo. Debre Zeyit Bishoftu. Arba Minch. Hosaena Hosaina. Debre Birhan Debre Berhan. Debre Markos Debre Marqos.

batu town ethiopia

Assela Asella; Asela. Kombolcha Kembolcha. Debre Tabor.

Ethiopia Administrative Regions, Cities and Population

Arsi Negele. Shire Inda Silase. Ambo Hagere Hiywet. Mizan Teferi Mizan. Bale Robe Robe. Yirga Alem. Alaba Kulito Kolito. Negele Borena Negele. Asebe Teferi Chiro. Assosa Asosa. Hagere Maryam Hagere Mariam. Alem Maya Haromaya.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Tax assessment and collection problem of category B tax payers case study in Batu town Oromia Ethiopia. Hirut B. Taxation is defined as government revenue to fulfill public necessities. That is for social, economic and political aspect of the society.

The purpose of this study is to assess tax revenue and collection problem on Batu town. The study is guided by two research questions which seek to answers whether tax payers and tax Administration problems that causes for poor tax revenue collection in the two kebeles of batu town.

The total populations of the batu twon category B tax payers are Out of the total population the researcher will be used a sample size of……… the study adopted on descriptive research design. Generally tax revenue is an important for the improvement of the living standard of the general public for a country growth and for implementing policies and strategies.

Taxation is one of the best instruments to boost the potential for public sector performance, to finance the social insuran0ce program and for the repayment of public debt Parameswaran, Taxation, even if often ignored, is a central component in the development of both low and middle income nations Russell, Taxation has led to tax structures throughout the developing world that are largely complex, inelastic, inefficient, inequitable, and quite simply unfair Khalilzadeh-Shirazi and Shah, The two important components of revenue tax administration and tax system reforms Brondolo et al.

Indeed corruption functions like a tax itself, and likely a particularly regressive one as are other governance indicators weak rule of law, political instability. The other problem of low revenue generation is political instabilities in developing countries.

One of the important characteristics of the political instability is unstable and shifting behaviors of government, which hinders the process of long-term reforms in the system, Gupta, They are: category of taxpayer A, B and C. Whereas, category C tax payers may not have. But revenue come from those tax payers are not sufficient to finance the government expenditures because the tax revenue performance is low in developing countries due to various problems.

Therefore, developing countries receive a very low amount of revenue from taxation because these countries face a number of problems in the process of revenue generation. The situation of East shewa where Batu town is found is not different from the above situations as part of Ethiopia. The study town namely Batu is currently facing daunting challenges in relation to the overall taxation system, tax assessment, collection and service delivery of tax authorities.The population of the regions of Ethiopia according to census results and latest official projections.

The population of all Ethiopian all cities and towns with more than 20, inhabitants according to census results and latest official projections. Adis Abeba [ Addis Ababa ]. Dire Dawa. Abiy Addi.

Mount Batu

Adis Zemen [ Addis Zemen ]. Aksum [ Axum ]. Alemaya Haromaya. Aleta Wendo. Arba Minch. Arsi Negele. Asayita [ Asaita ]. Asbe Teferi Chiro [ Asebe Teferi ]. Asela [ Asella ]. Awasa Hawassa. Awash Sebat Kilo. Ayikel Chilga. Bahir Dar. Chagne [ Chagni ]. Debark' [ Debarq ]. Debre Birhan [ Debre Berhan ]. Debre Markos [ Debre Marqos ]. Debre Tabor. Debre Zeyit Bishoftu. Degeh Bur [ Degehabur ]. Dembi Dolo. Derwernache [ Derwonaji ]. Dese [ Dessie ]. Este Mekane Yesus. Finote Selam. Gebre Guracha Kuyu.

Genet Holata. Giyon Waliso. Gonder [ Gondar ]. Hagere Hiywet Ambo. Hagere Maryam [ Hagere Mariam ]. Harer [ Harar ]. Hartisheik [ Hart Sheik ]. Himora [ Humera ]. Hosaina [ Hosaena ].